Uncover Your Store's True Scaling Potential
Learn How To Build a Market Dominating Brand
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7 Years
Expert Guidance From Veteran
8-Figure POD Sellers
Are Your Sales Dried Up?
Let me guess... You've tried Dropshipping and everything that's "supposed to work" but nothing has...
You've tried just about every solution there is to try...

But none of those gurus" or "mentors" you trusted your money with were capable of delivering the results they had drilled into their promise

The promise of the new solution 'that no one else is teaching!'...

The promise of insider secrets that would allow you to separate yourself from the ocean of dropshippers in the market place right now...

The ones who are struggling to get the same product in front of the same, tired audience - yourself included

What you got instead were the same exact strategies that are outlined in an outdated course you already own

And while these strategies may have worked in the past...

Shopping online has come a long way since then

The market is evolving...

Your customers no longer want to impulsively buy trinkets that take weeks to ship from China

They want personalized shopping experiences with genuine businesses and established brands they trust and love

Which is hard to create when you're selling someone else's products

Do you see why surviving in today's marketplace is so difficult for you?

You're lacking the edge you need to truly distinguish yourself from the millions of dropshippers forcing the same strategies and products as you

Because with each new day that passes by, you're going to drift further and further away from your goals

You're going to continue coming home, exhausted, from a job you hate all so some guy at the top of the stack can drive home from the office in a Bentley

We both know there's more to life than living paycheck to paycheck, having to sacrifice your wants for your needs...

But at your very core, you know that without a real way to get steady sales and consistent growth

Those dreams of scaling your business will never come true

But don't give up trying just yet...
Why The P.O.D. System Solves Your Store's Sales Problem
Just because dropshipping is an outdated practice doesn't mean you need to abandon your vision of security and freedom.
You just need to adjust, pivot, and adapt to match the demands of the evolving marketplace

Which is where print on demand comes into play...

You see, print on demand gives you that edge, that defining factor, that takes you from toying with your eCommerce 'hobby'...

To operating a self-powered eCom machine

Here's what I mean

When you start selling print on demand products...

You're creating highly-relevant, specialized products based around your customer's passions, hobbies, obsessions, and pursuits...

You start selling to emotionally-charged, enthusiastic audiences who are actively searching for the types of products you're selling...

The fast shipping times, locally sourced premium products, and automated fulfillment + shipping are just a few of the residual perks you get alongside

No more spending hours manually fulfilling orders the morning after your customers place them...

Your supplier handles everything the moment you receive a new order

No more spending hours of your day responding to support tickets from irritated customers wanting refunds because of long shipping times...

Orders are fulfilled same day & ship out quickly, so you can finally spend your time growing your business instead of stunting it

And no more sacrificing your margins just to compete with the thousands of other sellers pushing your product...

Your products are 100% unique to you

You finally have complete control over the quality of the products you're sending your customers...

As well as the designs that are being printed on them

You can finally start selling products that you're proud of (that also make money)

Now here's where we come in to help...

The P.O.D. System is our 100% proven strategy for injecting life into your business to give it the jumpstart it needs

Over the last 5 years we've used this same simple-to-follow, yet highly-potent strategy to grow our sales revenues to a staggering $15,000,000.00 (and counting)...

We've also used our strategies to lay out the framework for hundreds of other store owners, just like you, blast through the same barriers that are plaguing you today...

And it's all made possible without unrealistic ad budgets

Or relying on expensive designers to create our products for us...

But more on that in a moment

Because right now, you have two options to consider...

You either leave this page, alone, with the decision to go on forcing strategies that won't work

Which will ultimately lead to you coming back here after more time and money wasted, taking us up on our offer

Or you accept the reality that these outdated methodologies will continue to block your success...

And form a close working relationship with Matt & myself where we take you, by the hand, and work with you to get your eCom business finally growing
Recharge Your Sales Momentum & Secure Long-Term Growth
Whether you're new to the industry or a seasoned eCom vet...

You may know what it takes to achieve short term success

But what you don't know is how to maintain it to transform your store into a winning brand that will blast your competitors out of the water

And for this reason alone, the six or seven-figure success you're striving for will always be just out of arm's reach

Because right now, you only know the basics

And while that might be enough for some...

Your ambition, your drive, and your determination to prove all those who doubted you wrong just goes to show that surface-level knowledge of how to sell online isn't enough

eCommerce was never meant to be your hobby...

It WAS and still IS your opportunity to create a better life where you come out on top

And although you're not experiencing the level of success you were hoping for...

Our A-Z framework can change that in an instant, once you apply what we teach
Here's Your P.O.D. System Curriculum
Week 1
The 7-Figure P.O.D. Mindset
This section is arguably the most important one in the entire course. Here is where we teach you how to develop the mindset of not just an entrepreneur...But one who operates a high-volume business. Because no matter what strategies or methods we show you. You won't be fully set up for success unless you're equipped with the mental acuity required to run a business at such a high caliber. Developing the entrepreneurial mindset and integrating it into your everyday life will help you recognize, cope, & overcome minor inconveniences that would otherwise cause you to overwhelm and spiral... The entrepreneurial mindset helps you plan and strategize your operations to avoid future problems. As well as help you live a more organized, optimized, and stress-free life
Week 2
Store Setup & Quickstart
In this section, we show you how to properly use one of your free bonuses you get when you invest in the P.O.D. System... The free done-for-you print on demand store template—é It's a 'plug and play' template that's built to make you sales. It's taken years of testing and optimization to design. But it's the same exact layout we use on our print on demand store that generates $80,000.00 per day. So we're going to show you the exact way to set it up so you're making sales right out of the gate. As well as how to integrate with your P.O.D. supplier & upload your products right into your store. So you can quickly move on to running ads and making sales within minute
Week 3
Passion Niches & Customer Research
In this section, we show you our simple and effective research methods for finding and validating populated "passion" niches. As well as how to group related niches into broader categories to give yourself the ability to extend your reach beyond a single group of individuals. Once you solidify your niches & categories we'll teach you how to conduct customer research so you can find the loyal audience that you can target for years to come
Week 4
The Secret Of Irresistible P.O.D. Products
In this section, we show you how to unearth designs & create products your customers can't say no to. No more having to persuade customers to buy out of impulse. The products literally do the selling for you. We will take you through our step-by-step research methods that allow you to unearth sought after designs so you can constantly pump out winners. No design skills or an ounce of creativity needed. And no more hits and misses with your product offerings. In addition to creating these highly-coveted custom products. We'll show you how to create an irresistible product line based around your 'lead' products. Which will come in handy during week 6
Week 5
Dead Simple Facebook Ads
In this section, we'll walk you through the only Facebook ad strategy you'll need here on out. Campaign budget optimization. And don't let that strategy scare you... CBO ads outperformed ad with the budget set at the ad set level by up to XX% every single time. Our framework doesn't rely on complicated methods or unrealistic budgets. And they never result in flagged accounts. Our methods are simple, straightforward, affordable, and focus heavily on compliance. Advertising shouldn't be the minefield you've been experiencing. Our dead-simple strategy guarantees a high return on ad spend every single time
Week 6
Increasing Profitability
Profit margins with print on demand are already the highest you'll see in eCommerce at around 30%. However, in this section, we're going to show you how we've nearly raised our margins to 50% with ninja-like upsell & cross-sell strategies. In addition to our highly potent retargeting strategy. This is where you'll take the handy new information you learned about lead products in week four. And set up powerfully compelling upsells, cross-sells, and retargeting ads that your customers can't help but buy. This can all be done on the back end, totally free & easy to set up
Week 7
8-Figure Scaling Methods
In this section, we're going to show you how we took our 6-figure/year online business & scaled it past 7-figures each month (multiple 8-figures per year) in just X years. Our clonable framework can be used to build upon the quickstart strategies we teach you in weeks 1-7. These advanced advertising strategies allow us to get a consistent 4X return with every campaign we run. And can help you achieve the same
Week 8
Brand Building & Industry Takeover
Branding goes far beyond creating a logo... It's every single touchpoint you have with your customer. From the words written on your website... To your social media presence... It's every element your customers use to interact with your business. Shoppers tend to gravitate to their favorite online stores first. Without this customer loyalty... you'll never get the regular traffic needed to sustain a business, let alone an online one
In Addition To Our Life-Changing Training, We're Handing Over $3,623.00 In Bonuses
Bonus #1
($297.00 Value)
We're handing you our most sought after print on demand quick start training. Our interactive 4-day workshop helps you strategize the first few steps of your print on demand business so by the end of the fourth session you'll have products, targeting, & upsells ready to start selling. This is the perfect starting point for beginners. Each session is equipped with a worksheet that you fill out so you can write down your strategies as you follow along the course
Bonus #2
($140.00 Value)
You get access to our premium Shopify theme, Providence. Having a well-designed store isn't just a recommendation anymore. It's a requirement. As mentioned before, consumer shopping behaviors are continuously evolving. Their expectations are rising & they won't buy products from sites they can't fully trust. We don't want you to sacrifice your success because paying hundreds of dollars for a theme isn't in your budget plan. So we're handing over our premium, unrivaled theme so you can build your own sleek, high-converting store that impresses all of your customers
Bonus #3
Although we walk you through how to set up and design a store built for sales in week 2. We're handing over our proven store design template so you can quickly get your store set up & products selling in minutes. It's as simple as uploading your products and images into the preselected placements that are determined from years of testing and optimization. It's the exact layout we use on our own print on demand store that generates $80,000.00 each day
Bonus #4
($804.00/Year Value)
Streamline your product research and instantly find the most in-demand products people are buying on Etsy & Pinterest right now. You'll have instant access to the most popular print on demand products across any niche in seconds. Our exclusive product search function allows you to quickly filter through the thousands of products so you're only seeing which ones are the most favorited or viewed in any specific time frame. With Cookie.io you're shaving off hours of research and hundreds of dollars in failed product launches
Bonus #5
($297.00 Value)
Don't limit yourself to 'cold-calling' customers through Facebook ads. Expand your reach and land your products in front of customers who are actively searching for what you're selling through Google Shopping. Right now is the best time to get started because there's hardly anyone using the platform to market on. Meaning there's plenty of opportunities to swoop in, use our strategies, and land your products in visible ad space. No more casting bets with people scrolling through their feed. Put your products in front of people who have the intention to buy. Our Google Shopping blueprint will teach you everything you need to know about maximizing profits with warm traffic from Google
Bonus #6
($324.00/Year Value)
The true beauty behind print on demand is that it truly allows you to maximize your revenue with each sale through powerful cross-sells & upsells. In fact, this is the exact reason our store is able to profit multiple 6-figures each month in addition to our high revenue. So on top of the built-in cross-sells with your providence theme. We're giving you the ability to truly maximize your average order values with our SMART Bundle Upsell app. Which, seamlessly integrates with your store and on average, raises our customer's revenue by at least 20%. It's the easiest way for you to get free revenue
Bonus #7
($564.00/Year Value)
Ready to start running ads that look like they've been designed by a world-class branding agency? It's time to elevate your ads to the expectations that multi-million dollar businesses & corporations hold with our brand new design platform, Ads In Reach. With no design skills required... All you have to do is upload your product image and we'll instantly remove the background & insert your product into professional-grade ad templates made by our best-in-class designers who have generated us millions in revenue
Bonus #8
($2000.00 Value)
We know what it's like being thrown to the wolves & forced to figure out the answers to our work problems. Which is why we won't turn our backs on you. We don't believe in selling you a course then abandoning you to deal with obstacles alone. Which is why Matt & I are going to host 6 live coaching calls to ensure you're getting the most out of what we're delivering to you. During these calls, you'll get direct face-to-face access with Matt & myself where we analyze & diagnose any issues you have. Or strategize new scaling opportunities to further your growth
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Our 30-Day 'You Win'
Money Back Refund Guarantee
Although we're confident in how effective our life-changing strategies and training are.
We're still offering you our "You Win" 30-day money-back guarantee.
Where you come out on top, no matter what.
Because we'll not only give you 100% of your investment back.
But we'll throw in an extra $250.00, on us, so you still come out profitable
Here's all that's required from you:
Make an honest effort to implement what we teach in the first 4 weeks of the course
Spend $100 on ads
Join 1 of the 6 bonus calls
We've worked so hard to lay down the framework to get you the results you deserve...

The results that hundreds of our students before you have achieved...

So all we ask in return is that you put in an honest effort to apply what we teach

Because we know our training works...

We know you'll eclipse every goal you've set so far...

We know you'll soon be living the vision of success you've been playing out in your mind

But we can only go so far to get you there, your accomplishments will have to be a team effort

However, if you've busted your ass applying our techniques and see no results...

Then we've failed you, and that falls on us

So in addition to your full refund, we're throwing in an extra $250.00 for your efforts

So no matter what, you still win
What Makes The P.O.D. System Different?
When you sign up for the P.O.D. System you're getting so much more than just another eCom course... You're getting a close working relationship with Matt & myself where we take you by the hand and work with you every step of the way and personally help you build out your eCom empire... This is a unique strategy built by P.O.D. sellers, for P.O.D. sellers...
And even though our A-Z guide is bullet-proof & won't fail you.. We know from experience that you'll still come across some obstacles that are unique to you... Obstacles that we've had to face, adapt, and overcome, but obstacles you'll never be forced to face on your own... Together, as a team, we'll work together to transform your eCom store into a winning brand that achieves huge profits and consistent growth month by month, year on year.
But Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
Frequently Asked Questions:
Do I need to have an online store in order to get the P.O.D. System?
No, in fact, one of the first modules will show you how to set up & design your store for sales. We're also including our premium Shopify theme & a proven conversion-boosting template for you to 'plug and play'. Meaning all you have to do is upload the template & your products to your store. So you're instantly ready to start running ads & making sales, quickly
Will this work for me if I'm located outside of the United States?
Yes, we have thousands of students all over the world using our print on demand framework and taking advantage of fast shipping times and passion products
Do I need to use Shopify over BigCommerce, WooCommerce, or my own Wordpress site?
No, you can use print on demand with any eCommerce platform. However, a few of the bonuses are reliant on you having a Shopify store... Such as the premium Shopify theme and template, and our SMART Bundle Upsell app. However, you can still benefit from the Google Shopping Hacks training, Cookie.io product research tool, and our Ads In Reach design software if you choose to go with a Shopify alternative
Who can benefit from the P.O.D. System?
Anyone who's looking to take their online store to new heights... We have students ranging from 14 years old (with parental approval) to 86 years old who are finding success with our training. We've got a good mix of both men and women who are using our strategies to scale their stores each month. And we have both eCom veterans as well as newbies who are learning new methods to scale up their business
What's your refund guarantee?
As long as you make an attempt at the following within your first 30 days:
- Make an honest effort to implement what we teach in the first 4 weeks of the course;
- Spend $100 on ads;
- Join 1 of the 6 bonus calls.

We will give you a "You-Win" money-back guarantee. Where you get your full initial investment back plus an extra $250.00 so you still remain profitable no matter what
Where can I contact your customer support?
You can reach our world-class support team at https://skup.net/support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Including holidays. In addition to our life-changing training, our customer support is something we truly pride ourselves in. Because not only are you guaranteed a response, but every ticket has an average response time of under 5 minutes. So not only are you getting the attention & care you deserve, but you're also not being left overwhelmed or unanswered for unnecessarily long periods of time